Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Heartland Hosta & Shade Plant Society Fall Meeting

Saturday September 8, 2018  9:30AM

First Lutheran Church, 6400 State Line Rd. Mission Hills, KS

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Darn Right I've Got the Blues

Presented by Don Dean



Don Dean was first introduced to hosta in 1984 when his mother gave him a sizeable chunk of H. undulata taken from an old established clump inher yard. 1987 found Don moving his family, Gail and Jesse, to their current home site. It was a move from a prairie lot to a heavily wooded lot. He joined a local garden club and began touring members’ gardens. He was looking for solutions to a newfound gardening problem, shade. A visit to hosta collector’s garden created the ‘hook’ and set Don upon a path involving hosta from that point to the present.

1991 started the years of growing seeds under lights. Those first seeds grown indoors during the winter of ’91-92 began a continued passion for creating new hostas. Don has taught middle school children for 32 years. This provided the opportunity to continue dabbing pollen while working full time. Don had the good fortune of having several great mentors along the way through relationships with Ken Anderson, Herb Benedict, Hideko Gowan, and many others that proved to be excited to share their passion for hybridizing. Don has some standards in his program that have been passed on to him from his teachers. Growing a plant for five or more years prior to selection, getting peers’ views upon his seedlings, and trying to be sure that distinction is present prior to releasing a plant are considered by Don to be a must.

Don began registering some of his seedlings in 1999. H. ‘Silver Bay’, H. ‘Faith’ and H. ‘Pewterware’ are three solid colored selections, and H. ‘Bedazzled’, H. ‘Frosted Dimples’ and H. ‘Heartbeat’ are marginal variegated plants that Don has introduced. Thus began a consistent series of introductions each year. Fifty plus hostas are registered with Don as the originator and most are available from retail sources. Look for a few more to become available each year in the fall, as catalogs arrive and websites are updated.

Don will share his presentation, "Darn Right I've Got the Blues," which looks at “blue” from a variety of perspectives with a focus upon “blue” in hostas. Don will share his currently introduced blues and give us a peek at some future plants yet to hit the retail market. There will be something in Don's presentation to spark your interest whether you are a hosta beginner or an old pro.