Friday, May 24, 2024
Cultivar  Size  Color / Description
Alligator Alley  Med-Lg   yellow center - blue/green margin 
Andorian Small  blue - wavy margin 
Bedford Blue  Med-Lg   a different blue 
Bedford Rise and Shine  Small   green center - creamy-white margin 
Beyond Glory   Med   yellow center - wide dark green margin 
Blue Monday  Small   rounded, heart shaped blue leaves with good substance. 
Chanticleer  Large   intense green with extreme puckering 
Church Mouse  Mini   blue-green with puckers, crinkles, and ripples 
City Dog  Med   green center - white rippled margin - red petioles. 
Climax   Med   dark green center - wide golden-yellow margin - corrugation 
Coast to Coast  Med-Lg   gold leaves - wavy with white underside 
Coastal Treasure  Med-Lg   Green center with very wide wavy, yellow turning white margins. 
Coconut Custard  Small   yellow upgright - bright purple petioles 
Cranberry Wine  Med   bright yellow leaves - cranberry colored petioles and flowers 
Dancing Queen  Large   bright yellow - pie-crusted edge 
Deep Blue Sea  Med-Lg   blue - quite corrugated 
Devon Green  Med   green shiny dark green leaves of good substance 
Dinner Mint  Mini   soft green center - gray-green margin 
Ebony Towers  Med   green - speckled red-purple petioles 
Elatior  Large   very large shiny, dark green leaf. 
Emerald Ruff Cut  Med-Lg   gold center - emerald-green margin - ruffled leaves 
Eye Candy  Sm-Med   green center - pale yellow margin 
Fire Island  Med   bright yellow - red petioles 
Firn Line  Med   blue center - wide yellow-green margin 
Fog Light  Med   yellow leaves - glacious coating give iridescent appearance 
Forbidden Fruit  Med   yellow-orange center - wide blue-green margin 
Funny Bones  Small   gold - rippled leaves 
Glen Triumph  Large   upright blue-green cupped leaves 
Golden Meadows  Med   light green center - dark green margin - medium green streaks between 
Happy Valley  Med   dark green center - creamy-yellow margin 
Harry van de Laar  Med   grayish-green with white backs - red petioles 
High Tide  Small   frosted blue-green 
Holar Purple Flash  Med   purple splash on gray-green - purple petioles 
Jack Berry  Med   metallic blue with red petioles and red veins 
Jetstream  Med   blue-green 
Katherine Lewis  Med   lemon yellow center - dark blue-green margin 
Ladybug  Mini   unruly gold foliage 
Lakeside Baby Face  Mini   medium-dark green center - creamy-yellow to white margin 
Lakeside Dimpled Darling  Mini   green center - creamy margin - heavily corrugated 
Lakeside Fancy Pants  Large   gray-green center - wide yellow margin 
Lakeside Paisley Print  Med   2019 Hosta of the Year - wide wavy green borders surround a narrow creamy center 
Lakeside Rhapsody  Med   blue-green center - wide uneven white margin 
Lakeside Rocky Top  Small   dark green center - narrow white margin 
Lakeside Storm Watch  Small   upright dark green wavy 
Leapin' Lizard  Med   long lance-shaped green - shiny, cupped, folded, puckered 
Little Red Rooster  Small   wavy satin green - red scapes 
Luna Moth   Med   dark green center - wide pale green margin 
Maui Buttercups  Small   leathery yellow - cupped and heavily puckered 
Mellow Mood  Small   limey-yellow center - wide dark green margin - prominent veins 
Midnight Oil  Small   shiny dark green 
Miracle Lemony  Small   green - wavy margin 
Monster Ears  Small   round thick green - larger mouse ears 
Nippers Small upright round green leaves
Old Glory  Med-Lg   golden yellow center - uneven dark green margin 
Paisley Border  Med   dark green center - wide creamy-white margin 
Paradise Expectations  Large   blue-green center - wide creamy-yellow margin 
Parisian Silk  Med   intense blue - silver wax in center 
Pinani Island Surf  Small   bright yellow - white margin - deep red petioles some color in center of leaf 
Popcorn  Med   creamy-white center - wide blue-green margin - some cupping & pebbling 
Ripped  Med-Lg   upright puckered blue 
Ripple Effect   Med   long narrow wavy golden center - narrow blue-green border with streaks in center 
Sizzle  Mini   long narrow yellow leaves - green margin - tight ripples 
Tea at Bettys  Small   green center - pale yellow heavily rippled margin 
Teaspoon  Small   small rounded cupped green 
Tickle Me Pink  Small   golden yellow - red tips with red brushed across the backs - red petioles 
Titanium  Med   silver-blue 
Viking Ship  Very Lg   oval blue-green leaves - lightly corrugated and deeply veined 
Volcano Island ®  Med   light green center - dark green margin - cherry red petioles 
Shade Perennials    
Astilbe 'Deutschland'    
Cimicifuga 'Chocoholic'    
Euphorbia 'Bonfire'    
Geranium 'Bloom Chocolatta'    
Hakonechloa 'All Gold'    
Helleborus 'Dark and Handsome'    
Helleborus 'Spanish Flare'    
Heuchera 'Black Pearl'    
Ligularia 'Bottle Rocket'    
Tradescantia 'Concord Grape'