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2022 Plant Sale List

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CultivarSizeMedium, Large, and Giant Hosta<class="zoom"> Logo
Apple Candy Medium This one has soft green leaves with a yellow border that turn yellow with a white border. Very bright shiny, thick leaves that hold up well.
Apple Candy
Battle Star Medium Heart-shaped blue-green leaves are somewhat shiny and framed with a good yellow border that has a little waviness. Great substance with slight cupping and topped with lavender flowers midsummer. 'Battle Star' in spring is a deep dark blue-green color in the center surrounded by a bright clean creamy edge.
Battle Star
Blazing Saddles Medium 1990 cross derived from using the popular Hosta 'Blue Umbrellas' as a parent. The result is a stunning 4' wide clump of oblong dark green leaves surrounded by an unusually wide creamy white edge. This is undoubtedly one of the most satisfactory hostas that we have grown.
Blazing Saddles
Blue Vision Large Large with heavy texture and intense blue leaves with an upright space saver shape. The heavy textured powder blue leaves and nice white flowers on 24" scapes make this vigorous grower a real winner in the garden.
Blue Vision
Brocade Medium This is an elgant hosta. Its not yellow, and its not green, its something in between.
Diana Remembered Medium White edged 'H. Seventh Heaven'. A vigorous grower and huge fragrant near-white flowers. The leaves are a rich green and are framed with a very wide white border.
Diana Remembered
Ginsu Knife Medium A wide, irregularly cream colored margined hosta with serrate margins and white fragrant flowers; the arching leaves have large undulations and some twisting. Unique.
Ginsu Knife
Gold Angel Giant A gold version of ‘Blue Angel’. This giant hosta has excellent yellow color and can tolerate some sun, especially in northern gardens.
Gold Angel
Golden Meadows Medium Reverse colored sport of montana 'Aureomarginata'. Medium to large mound of gold centered foliage with dark green margins. There is a third light green color that streaks in between the margin and center color. Leaf center will become white if grown in a lot of sun.
Golden Meadows
Her Eyes Were Blue Medium Intensely silver-blue, almost steel gray, leaves are heavily rippled and lightly serrated. The leaf tip twists and curves downward creating a low mound that only reaches about 12" tall. Pale lavender flowers in midsummer.
Her Eyes Were Blue
Holar Garnet Crow Medium Chartreuse leaves that look like ruffled spades on bright red petioles. Forms a dense mound of rippled leaves that shine on the red petioles. Leaves will be more yellow if given some bright sun and more lime-green in shade.
Holar Garnet Crow
Hudson Bay Large Very nice sport from H. 'Eskimo Pie' with a much wider blue-green border than it's parent. The creamy-yellow center is exquisite and somewhat irregular which adds interest.
Hudson Bay
Jet Black Large This is a very blue hosta that grows quickly into a large mound. It has lots and lots of powdery white wax that softens the appearance of its sturdy cupped and puckered leaves.
Jet Black
King of Spades Medium Look at the border and you will find a flat leaf surface, however the medio portion of the leaf is very roguse. This unusual medium blue-green hosta has extremely heavy puckering throughout its spade-shaped leaves.
King of Spades
Lakeside Color Blue Large The very blue, blue color is outstanding in this medium upright hosta. The heavy substance leaves are deeply cupped and crinkled.
Lakeside Color Blue
Laura Lanier Giant Greenish gold leaves with a variable 3/8" dark green margin and sterile pale lavender flowers in mid-July. It is a rapid grower. 2002 registration. Leaves emerge in spring with a bloom on both surfaces. The bloom on the top surface dissolves by mid-June and becomes very shiny until frost. The color intensifies as the season progresses. It is a sport of 'Sea Yellow Sunrise'.
Laura Lanier
Loyalist Medium Another reverse sport of the popular Hosta 'Patriot'. So far, it seems rather different from H. 'Fire and Ice', but the verdict is still out. The dark green leaves are sharply contrasted with a brilliant white center variegation on very thick leaves. In mid summer, the 2' wide clumps are topped with spikes of light lavender flowers. The exciting reverse variegation of H. 'Patriot', leaf margins of dark green with centers of nearly pure white; not prone to melting out, h
Regal Splendor Giant A variegated sport of Krossa Regal with whitish variable margins. Spectacular in a mature clump. Anyone who has ever seen a mature clump of H. 'Regal Splendor' agrees that this introduction will emerge as one of the great classics! This sport of the great H. 'Krossa Regal' has the same growth habit and shiny blue leaves, but with a nice cream border.
Regal Splendor
Rough Lemon Medium "This medium-sized hosta has managed to captivate us with it’s beautiful yellow spring color and fastgrowing habit. The unique leaf shape and brilliant red petioles make it a beautiful addition to our red hosta line."
Rough Lemon
Satisfaction Large This sport of the classic H. 'Piedmont Gold' has a large, dark green pointed leaf, surrounded by a wide, wavy, brilliant golden band that covers nearly 1/3 of the leaf.
Twice as Nice Medium As wonderfully colorful as my 'Ambrosia' is this tetraploid form of it is "Twice as Nice'. Yes, its a little smaller and more compact but also has motre substance and richer wide blue margins and a bright yellow leaf center.
Twice as Nice
Valley's Love Buzz Giant "Beautiful rippled leaves are smooth and a nice soft blue. Forms a large mound of stunning blue foliage. The frosty blue leaves are bright white on the backsides. Holds the blue color for most of the season."
Valley's Love Buzz
CultivarSizeSmall and Mini HostaLogo
Bashful Small Bashful' is an open pollinated seedling from 'Blue Cadet' with leaves that come up in spring a very creamy color mottled with green.
Bluetini Small Good grower. Rich blue foliage in a moderately dense, small-sized mound;
Coconut Custard Small A sturdy little yellow hosta with heart-shaped leaves that are frosted with lots of white wax in spring creating a rich and creamy look. Leaves are held on bright purple petioles and orchid flowers appear in late summer.
Coconut Custard
Dilithium Crystal Mini Small mound of wavy blue-green foliage. The leaves look like extended tongues with a slight twist. Vigorous grower good for the front of the garden.
Dilithium Crystal
Feel the Sky Small A sport of 'Iron Sky' that grows better than its parent, and gets a bit bigger.
Feel the Sky
Goldrush Mini sport of H. 'Birchwood Parky's Gold' with yellow-green centered leaves framed by a wide blue-green margin.
Snowy Lake Small A fabulous mutation that has twice-wide borders, super-thick leaves more slug-resistance, and a darker lavender flower with increased substance. A very wide-edged sport of one of our favorite hostas, H. 'Veronica Lake'.
Snowy Lake
Stand by Me Small This is a unique sport of H. 'June' upright yellowish-green leaves have a very irregular blue border with lots of streaking toward the center. Does not get as large as it's parent but is still a vigorous grower and will be topped with lavender flowers.
Stand by Me
Twist Tie Mini A small blue-green hosta with very upright twisted leaves. It is from H. 'Tongue Twister' and like it, it has very good substance and is one of the last hostas to go to sleep.
Twist Tie
Wiggles and Squiggles Small Low growing habit, rippled margins and unusual yellow leaf color.
Wiggles and Squiggles
Yippie Mini This cute little, white-margined mini just bubbles with excitement. It holds its leaves almost straight up and yells 'Yippee"!
NameCommon NamePerennialsLogo
Red Sentinel
Japanese Astilbe A member of Astilbe japonica (Japanese Astilbe). A species characterized by an early bloom time and glossy green leaves often tinged with red. Flowers are produced in dense, pyramidal clusters.
ASTILBE Red Sentinel
Barrenwort If you're looking for a plant for dry shade, this spring-blooming variety is definitely the right choice for you! Flowers have deep rose red sepals, orange centers, and creamy white spurs. Bright green, lance-shaped leaves are lightly spotted with coppery red, but is not as heavily flecked as other varieties, such as 'Pretty in Pink'. A naturally occurring cross between E. acuminatum and E. fangii discovered by Mikinori Ogisu.
Cranesbill Huge, glowing violet blue, saucer-shaped flowers with distinctive white eyes and reddish-purple veining are held above mounds of deep green foliage that is slightly marbled with chartreuse. Geranium 'Rozanne' is one of the longest blooming perennials in the garden. It is an amazingly free-flowering cultivar as its flowers are sterile; it keeps the blooms coming from late spring into mid-fall.
Grape Expectations
Coral Bells When its vibrant grape purple new foliage emerges with black veins in spring, you’ll easily be able to pick ‘Grape Expectations’ out from the crowd. The broad, thick and durable, somewhat fuzzy leaves form a dense, upright mound as opposed to the wide spreading form of ‘Blackberry Ice’. As the temperatures rise, the leaves develop a bright silver coating and then turn back to very deep purple in late fall. Creamy white flowers are produced on dark purple stems in midsummer.
HEUCHERA Grape Expectations
Lemon Love
Coral Bells Slightly ruffled, chartreuse leaves are produced on an especially vigorous habit, thanks to its Heuchera villosa heritage. The color will be more lime green in deeper shade. Over time, 'Lemon Love' will gradually spread to about 3' wide if given the space. Cream flowers with hints of blush in the calyxes are produced above the foliage in early summer. A great color for brightening up your shade!
Spot On
Lungwort Spot On' is a new Pulmonaria for Proven Winners and a new genus to the perennial lineup. Pulmonaria are the perfect choice to signal the end of winter with cheerful flowers appearing in late spring. The flowers of 'Spot On' open a unique deep salmon pink that matures to a rich blue color. Silver speckling dusts the green leaves.